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Hayley was able to help us by visiting Megan and our overall experience was 5 stars. Her communication was brilliant and she sent us lots of updates on each visit. She helped Megan with the training we were teaching her to help to keep it consistent to progress. I am recommending her whenever I meet new puppies.
— Mrs Orland, East Finchley



When bringing a puppy into your family it is exciting and extremely rewarding but young pups need constant care, attention and guidance in order to grow into happy, sociable dogs.

Your pup will need to go to the toilet frequently, become accustomed to its new environment and establish routines in their new home. We can assure that your new friend is looked after and cared for when you are out or at work.

Since your new puppy cannot be left alone until he/she is gradually trained, we'll visit your pup twice daily to help with toilet training, basic commands + manners, cleaning up + refilling water, feeding, playing, gentle exercise, stimulation and cuddles! 

We'll send photos, videos + an update after each visit to keep you informed of our progress and any bowel movements.

As your puppy grows, we'll reduce the visits to once daily and eventually, he/she can join us in our daycare to continue socialisation and of course, to get their all important daily exercise with new doggy pals!


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