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Hayley made it easy to leave Pepper for a month - I knew she was being well taken care of and loved - she would send me video updates and photos. We loved that she looked after Pepper for Christmas so she wouldn’t be alone! She even took Pepper to the vets when she showed signs of an ear infection.
— Mrs Teitelman, Hampstead


Cat + Small Pet Visits

we visit your pets in your home so they needn't leave their home comforts behind


We'll pop into your home for regular visits once or twice a day to check in on your loved ones - feeding, changing litter trays, cleaning up, refreshing water, treats + bedding, playing and affection. We can also administer medication.

We'll even take in your post, draw curtains, switch lights on and off and water houseplants at no extra cost!

We're happy to help so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Dog Sitting



Need an evening out or going away on holiday? Look no further - your doggy is welcome in our home.

With prices starting from just £40 per 24 hours, including 3 walks, we can look after your loved one for an entire day including a sleep over at Hayley's house. Make dog kennels a thing of the past - your pooch will not be left alone but rather spoilt with love and attention as one of our family!

You will receive regular updates with photos + videos of his/hers adventures and an update on how they're doing. We only accommodate well behaved, socialised doggies and even have a garden for them to sunbathe and relax in.

Your dog will not be left alone and will have one of our exclusive pooch spaces - we only pet sit  1 dog at any one time and do not take large groups of dogs for pet sits.

We are fully insured by Cliverton for doggy daycare, walking, pet sitting + pet taxi.


You will just need to provide:

The correct amount of dog food (please advise upon booking if your dog has dietary requirements).

Any medication and grooming brushes if necessary.

Treats, toys, bowls + bedding are optional as we have plenty to share.

Daily Puppy Visits

Eat. Toilet. Play. Toilet. Sleep. Toilet. Cuddle. Toilet. Repeat.

We will visit for 30 minutes at a time, twice daily to clean up, feed, stimulate, change water, play and gently exercise your little one. Lots of cuddles and attention will be given and any training you are working on will be adhered to in order to progress your puppy's development. These visits can vastly improve the speed of your pup's toilet training.

We will send photos, videos + an update after every visit to ensure you are kept up to date on activities and bowel movements.