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Trevor snores his head off in the evenings after doggy daycare. Hayley’s brilliant - professional and so friendly. LOVE the pics of him I get when I’m at work!
— Miss Brown, East Finchley

DOGGY DAYCARE - 10am to 4pm

in our doggy daycare Your dog will receive:


  • Two 1.5 hr walks minimum, including exercising, socialisation, playing + treat time - on a sunny day, time permitting, your dog will receive an hour of extra exercise at no extra cost. 

  • Price includes pick up + drop off in our ventilated doggy van and of course, a towel down when wet. We aim to pick up between 9am to 10pm and drop home between 4pm to 5pm - please note, this is traffic dependant.

  • Whenever our vehicle is moving at any speed or stationary when picking up/dropping off dogs, all doors are safely locked at all times. This means no door can be opened from the outside of the vehicle. We take the security of our van + dogs incredibly seriously and are very diligent about the safety of our dogs.

  • When resting in between walks, we will either be out in the park relaxing in the shade or at Hayley's house in East Finchley if sheltering from the rain. This is our favourite time to maximise all the cuddles, rehydrate and take a doggy nap!

  • In our daycare, your pooch will wear a Wag + Stride identity tag with Hayley's phone number on.

  • Doggies will only be let off leads with owners permission to run, play ball or have a good old sniff!

  • We provide ongoing training in our daycare to ensure the safety (and manners!) of your dog, encouraging good behaviour and we regularly gather round for treats. We pride ourselves on positive reinforcement to ensure your dog thrives in our care.

  • We will send you regular daily updates of our adventures with photos + videos as well as tag you on our social media accounts with pics of your stars!


Our favourite doggy daycare walks are Coldfall Woods, Hampstead Heath, Alexandra Palace, Highgate Woods, Queens Wood, The Folly Brook, Brook Farm Open Space + Cherry Tree Woods.

A little bit about our walks..


Our walks are structured and executed with purpose - for example, if the walk is an hour, our human walks for an hour too! This means that all dogs are expected to catch up in between sniffing and playing which is a great way to keep dogs alert and focused. Pack walks are excellent socialisation, lots of fun and give dogs the opportunity to 'feel like a dog.' 

Did you know - exercise can improve dogs bone and joint health, heart and lung function? A tired, worn out dog will often rest more calmly at home and be less nervous when left alone.

We are fully insured for doggy Daycare, Walking, pet sitting + pet taxi

Please note..

  • We are strictly only able to accept friendly, socialised dogs
  • Dogs must be neutered or spayed
  • All dogs must be micro-chipped and have ID tagged collars
  • All dogs must have regular worming and flea treatment
  • Traffic may sometimes vary pick up + drop off times but we aim to be consistent
  • We are fully insured for all our services but please consider pet insurance for your loved ones